What to do in the Estancia?

Visitors who come to spend the day with us will be able to enjoy the following activities during their stay at the farm. Upon arrival: a historical tour of the facilities, followed by a rural lunch; an option of horseback riding and/or walking/trekking (hills from where you can see the sea and the mountains; beaver dams, etc.); then you can help us to work with the sheep and sheepdogs; and at the end of the afternoon, at tea time, share a delicious tea, pastries and homemade surprises.


Day Tour

A day in the countryside making different activities with its owners. Horse riding, trekking and countryside lunch in three steps.

Spending the Night

A night at the house where sheep workers used to live. Wake up refreshed and with a super complete breakfast.


Full experience

A day and night at the estancia knowing its history, enjoying activities and tasting 4 countryside foods.


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